The Science of Character Naming

Sharón Lynn Wyeth
Author and Speaker
Join us this Saturday, March 30th at the Encinitas Community Center

How do writers know what to name their characters? If you have the correct name, everybody can identify with that character and buy into what he is doing. However, the wrong name separates your audience from your character as readers cannot identify with your character. There are certain names that traditionally mean bad guys like Brutus or Bruce. Similarly there are names that indicate the good guys like Maria and Mary. Misnaming your character spells certain death for your material. How can you make sure that you have the right name?

Sharón Lynn Wyeth (said Shah-rone Lynn Y-ith) has developed Neimology® Science, the revolutionary study of how the placement of letters in a name affects who we are. Her first book "KNOW THE NAME; KNOW THE PERSON, How a Name Can Predict Thoughts, Feelings and Actions” is an Amazon bestseller that earned a Literary Excellence Award. Come here what she has to say about names and how to determine the perfect name for your characters.

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