Guest Posting Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

One way to improve the search engine optimization of your site is to start guest posting. Doing this not only gets your name and your message in front of different readerships, but it also gives you an opportunity to gain a precious inbound link to your site.

Most often, guest posting is done for “free,” with the payment coming in the form of a bio about the author (you) that includes a link your website. And, not only are these precious inbound links great for directly referring new readers to your site, they are also an important component of optimizing your website for search engines.

Where should you guest post?

Before you start guest posting, it’s a good idea to do some research first, to determine which sites you might want to write for.

  • Search for other websites and blogs that are writing about topics similar to you
  • Make a list of 20 or so Websites (to start) that meet the above requirements
  • Research how much traffic each site gets, so you can prioritize your outreach based on audience size (I’d suggest using a site like to do this)

How do I get started with guest posting?

Now that you have your list of sites to target, you’re ready to begin your outreach efforts. This part can seem a bit daunting at first, but even if you’re met with a lot of rejections or no responses at all, keep at it. Just go back to researching and targeting different sites to reach out to. You’re going to get a favorable response eventually! But, to increase your odds, here are some tips for getting started with guest posting:

  • When you’re on a site you’d like to write for, look around for links and buttons that mention guest posting. Quite a few sites that are ready and willing to accept guest posts will have a link somewhere with directions on how to submit to that particular site
  • It’s always a good idea to “like” the site you’re targeting on Facebook, to start following them on Twitter and to start commenting on their blog posts and engaging with them via social media. That way, when you reach out about guest posting, you’re not starting from scratch
  • You could always try asking a specific blogger if they’d like to write a guest post for you, and then, if you get some traction that way, you can ask if you might write a guest post sometime for them

At the end of the day, it’s all about building up relationships in your online community or niche. Once you’re engaged with your community, you’ll find networking and soliciting guest posting opportunities much easier.

Good luck!

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