Use Your Book to Sell You and You to Sell Your Book

With: Deirdre Maloney, Momentum

When: June 30, 2012
Where: Carlsbad Library

For many of us, writing and speaking go hand-in-hand. Whether we write about it it or talk about it matters less than that we’re expressing meaningful messages about the things we believe in.

The good news is that each of these distinct skills – writing and speaking – directly leads to the success of the other. Published authors find new levels of interest and credibility when pursuing speaking engagements, and effective speaking can dramatically increase the number of books sold.

How can we as published authors create effective strategies to get the best of both worlds? How can we leverage our excellence in one area to achieve our goals in the other? What’s the difference between a book pitch and a speaking pitch and how should each be crafted?

Deirdre Maloney will cover it all. Deirdre’s efforts to find success in speaking and selling books began immediately upon publishing The Mission Myth. Since that time and after several mistakes, false starts and mishaps, Deirdre figured out how to get what she wanted from both. She now speaks regularly at conferences big and small, and uses each opportunity to get her books sold. She’ll share the tips and tricks she figured out along her journey to help you do the same.

About the speaker: Deirdre Maloney is an author, speaker and the proud president of Momentum, which helps nonprofit organizations meet their missions through better business. Through informative and entertaining presentations, as well as customized services like strategic planning, board development, executive coaching and marketing strategies, Deirdre helps organizations make and keep their momentum for optimal success.

Deirdre comes by her expertise honestly, having served as the executive of a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization, a board member for multiple organizations, a media specialist, marketing director, technical writer and broadcast news producer. With experience working with organizations like The San Diego Foundation, the Colorado Nonprofit Association, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Deirdre brings a unique understanding of the nonprofit sector and the keys to its success.

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