Mailing List Magic with Penn Wallace

When: Back to Calendar March 31, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Where: Carlsbad Dove Library
1775 Dove Ln
Carlsbad,CA 92011
Cost: $20.00 ($10.00 for Members)
Contact: Karla Olson
Categories: Monthly Meetings

What’s the big deal with mailing lists? Marketing experts will tell you it’s an important tool in your tool kit. Penn Wallace says it’s your second most important marketing tool. You don’t have one? Here’s how to get started. Need help building and using your list? We’ll cover those topics too.

Our email marketing class with start with the question “Why do you need an email list?” Once we’ve discussed the reasons for having a mailing list we’ll move on to how to build your list.

We’ll dig into the topic of “How do I manage my email list?” I’ll give specific examples of things the students can do today to start building a business tool.

After these preliminaries are complete, we’ll move on to how to use your mailing list for fun and profit. We’ll discuss such topics as writing newsletters, running promotions, rollouts and special loyalty rewards programs.

All of this leads to the topic of reader loyalty. We’ll give concrete examples of things you can do today to start building that loyalty, from giving away special promotional items to how to handle your fan mail.

Penn Wallace is a happy-go-lucky, Hemmingwayesque, adventurer who is the author of #1 bestselling political satire, Christmas Inc, the #1 bestselling crime novels Murder Strikes Twice and Hacker for Hire., the Ted Higuera Thrillers, and the Catrina Flaherty Mysteries.

If Chevy Chase had played Indiana Jones, he would be Penn Wallace. Penn has a thirst for adventure, but nothing ever seems to go exactly as planned. Penn is a pilot and master chef as well as being a lifelong sailor.

In 2012 Penn left his career as a software engineer in Seattle and set sail for the warm blue waters of Baja California in his 56-foot sailboat.

Penn currently resides in on his sailboat in San Diego and teaches classes on Indie Publishing, eMarketing and other writing topics, as well as working on the next Ted Higuera and Catrina Flaherty best sellers, but expect him to set sail for new adventures soon.

“I published a book” is not a marketing plan with Lee Wind – Worksheet Printout

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Lee Wind, Director of Marketing and Programming for the Independent Book Publishers Association, walked attendees through these worksheets for how to build an effective marketing plan for your book.


"I published a book" is not a marketing plan worksheet


PWSD Welcomes Thom Kephart to San Diego

We had a full-house for a wonderful presentation from Thom Kephart  of Create Space who presented to Publishers and Writer's of San Diego this January, 2014. For those who were not able to attend, download Thom's slides and watch the video (compliments of Chad Thompson Photography and Monkey C Media).

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