GET YOUR BOOK NOTICED: Get Reviewers Selling Your Book for You! with Gemini Adams

When: Back to Calendar January 30, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Cost: $20.00 ($10.00 for members)
Contact: Karla Olson
Categories: Monthly Meetings

Don't drown in the sea of published books. Learn how to compete against the publishing Big Fish using the same highly effective book promotion techniques . . . without spending the thousands of dollars they do!

Discover how to use the secret power of book reviews (one's that never get thrown in the trash) to ensure that the media, buyers, producers, agents, retailers and consumers start paying attention to and buying your book, spreading the word around the globe - for free!

Using grass roots, low cost marketing techniques to build your platform through customer reviews with the leading Amazon, blogger and You Tube book reviewers — all of whom have websites, blogs and social media feeds with hundreds of thousands of avid followers, a.k.a book buyers — learn how to turn this into interest from the mainstream media, book buyers and the publishing industry.

You will also learn how to do outreach to these exclusive, and sometimes elusive reviewers, saving you tons of time, money and stress, while getting your book high visibility and the attention it truly deserves.

About Gemini Adams

British educator and award-winning author of several self-help and humor books, Gemini’s published works have been featured on The Today Show, Reuters, The Huffington Post, The BBC, Take A Break, Yahoo, Women’s Health, The San Francisco Chronicle, Digital Trends and RED magazine, to name a few.

Her books have been translated into Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, and earned her the Mom's Choice® Gold Award, 2013 (Humor Books), Mom's Choice® Gold Award, 2010 (Death & Dying Books), The National Best Book Award, 2009 and the Dad's Seal of Approval, 2009.

A member of the The Society of Authors, The Authors Guild and the ALCS (Authors Licensing and Collecting Society), she is also a recipient of the prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, 2006.

Since 2009 she has been helping writers get published through her program Finish Your Book – offering a series of workshops, seminars and one-to-one coaching programs. she has helped hundreds of students to successfully complete, edit, sell and publish their work, with many securing representation from New York and London Literary agents (including Lynn Franklin Associates, Claire Gerus Literary Agency, Janklow & Nesbit) or publishing deals with Putnam, Penguin Group, Greenleaf Books, Michael Weise, the Book Guild and Findhorn Press.

She is also the owner of Live Consciously Publishing a small independent publishing company through which she primarily publishes her own books, her bibliography includes:

The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox (The Unplug Series, Live Consciously, 2013).

Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye (Live Consciously, 2009).

The Top 100 Recipes for Happy Kids: How to Keep Your Child Active, Alert and Focused (Duncan Baird, 2007).

Gemini is also the co-author of, More Than Money: How to Leave Your Family a Lasting Legacy (Celebrity Press, 2011) and Open to Hope: Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss (White Press, 2011).

Many Thanks to Robin Cutler for Sharing her Spark with PWSD

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Robin Cutler, the brains and brawn behind independent publishing and distributing powerhouse IngramSpark, gave an enlightening presentation this past weekend. From explaining how Ingram was able to merge their traditional publishing distribution with the ever expanding worlds of independent publishing and print on demand titles, to best practices with ISBNs & distributing through multiple retailers, Robin showed up to share her knowledge and experience with PWSD members, and we are all grateful!

Best of all, she was kind enough to make sure that no one would miss out on what she was able to share the members in attendance. If you weren’t able to attend, or just can’t quite remember what that last slide said, have no fear! Robin sent over her presentation slides, and you can download them right here, right now. Just click here: The Business of Independent Publishing: IngramSpark 101.

Make sure you check out the calendar for our upcoming events (Can you say Publicity with Marika Flatt?!), and sign up for the PWSD Newsletter so you’re always in the loop!

PWSD Welcomes Thom Kephart to San Diego

We had a full-house for a wonderful presentation from Thom Kephart  of Create Space who presented to Publishers and Writer’s of San Diego this January, 2014. For those who were not able to attend, download Thom’s slides and watch the video (compliments of Chad Thompson Photography and Monkey C Media).

About PWSD

Publishers and Writers of San Diego (PWSD): a professional association of the publishing community in San Diego, educating business-minded self-publishers and authors.

Publishers and Writers of San Diego has been serving as a forum for education, networking, and motivation since 1994. Originally founded as The San Diego Publishers Alliance, the group is comprised of members from all areas of publishing and writing — authors, self-publishers, independent publishers, editors, book packagers, designers, consultants, promotional professionals, students, and more.