About Publishers and Writers of San Diego

Are you an aspiring author who dreams of one day publishing your book?

Do you want to sell more copies of your already published book?

Are you wondering about ebooks and digital publishing?

Join Publishers and Writers of San Diego to learn, network, and support your publishing endeavors.

Publishers and Writers of San Diego (aka PWSD) is a nonprofit trade organization focusing on the business of publishing. Our mission is to help independent publishers and authors understand the many facets of the industry and publish as successfully as possible. We emphasize upholding professional standards, regardless of how a work is brought to market, and learning together about this constantly changing business.

PWSD has been a forum for education, networking, and motivation since 1994. Originally founded as The San Diego Publishers Alliance, the group’s members come from all areas of publishing and writing — authors, independent or self publishers, editors, book packagers, designers, consultants, promotional professionals, students, and more.

Because of its established presence and history, PWSD is recognized throughout the publishing community as a valuable organization whose members contribute greatly to the benefit of our profession.

Our group meets the last Saturday of each month to network and learn from a guest expert on various publishing topics. The November and December meetings are combined into a free open-house social in the beginning of December.

If you would like to join PWSD, click here.

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