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  1. Feb

    1. GETTING TO YES: Converting Book Browsers to Book Buyers in the Age of Overload with Peter Hildick-Smith
      10:00 am – 12:00 pm

      Getting a book reader to discover, let alone gain deep enough interest in a new book to commit to read it is tough enough – but it’s just half the book revenue challenge.
      Based on the latest national book buyer data from Codex-Group, less than 1/3rd of books read by regular book buyers generate any publisher, author, retailer or agent revenue! The majority of those are either borrowed, downloaded for free or bought used—at best benefiting 3rd party resellers and their ecommerce agents.
      In “Getting to Yes”, Codex-Group president and founder, Peter Hildick-Smith will share the company’s latest findings, mapping today’s increasingly complex book buyer journey – from initial book discovery to ultimate conversion to a new book purchase – identifying the obstacles and opportunities this journey presents for renewed industry sales growth – and the critical importance of each book’s unique message as the gateway to new book readers and buyers.


      Photo of speaker Peter Hildick-SmithPeter Hildick-Smith founded Codex-Group in 2004, to help book publishers, retailers, authors and agents develop consumer led strategies, platforms and titles – pioneering large sample, quantitative pre-market testing to determine the highest impact strategies, programs and messaging – before launch.

      Codex has been featured in The New York Times, Wall St. Journal, CBS Evening News, Forbes, Wired, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, New Republic, Smart Money, and Marketplace.

      Prior to founding Codex, Peter was CMO, GE Capital Consumer UK and SVP, Customer Management for GE Capital Retail Services. He was also V.P. Marketing, Bantam, Doubleday, Dell Young Readers, School, College and Library businesses, and Corporate V.P. Merchandising.

      He is a board member of the Book Industry Study Group, and earned his MBA, Marketing from Wharton, and BA, Comparative Literature from UPenn.

      10:00 am
      GETTING TO YES: Converting Book Browsers to Book Buyers in the Age of Overload with Peter Hildick-Smith
  2. Mar

    1. ISBNs Untangled with Lisseth Montecinos
      10:00 am – 12:00 pm

      You’ve heard that you need an ISBN for your book. But what is an ISBN and what does it do for my book? Why is it important?

      Lisseth Montecinos, a customer service rep from RR Bowker, will join us to explain exactly how this system works and why it is essential for successful publication of your book. She’ll tell you how to get an ISBN, what information you need to provide about your book, and how that information feeds out to online retailers and bookstores. She’ll explain when you need an new ISBN for a different format or edition of your book. Most importantly, she’ll help you understand how to untangle your ISBN if you want your own. You won’t want to miss this presentation about the most important step in your publishing journey.

      About Lisseth Montecinos:

      Lisseth Montecinos PhotoLisseth Montecinos is a customer service representative at Bowker, the US ISBN Agency. With over four years in publishing, Lisseth provides support to publishers, authors and booksellers with their publishing needs, including assistance on ISBNs, barcodes, book promotion, digital production, and much more. Her proactive attitude, friendly demeanor, and ability to communicate in both English and Spanish, allows her to find solutions to all customers’ needs, making the process of publishing seamlessly.

      10:00 am
      ISBNs Untangled with Lisseth Montecinos
  3. Apr

    1. Insider Observations about Trends in the Publishing Industry with Cevin Bryerman
      10:00 am – 12:00 pm

      Publisher’s Weekly Publisher Cevin Bryerman will present his insider observations about the trends in the publishing industry and where the future might lead. In an interview format, he will specifically talk about the growth of the independent movement, and how it is affecting the industry. He will highlight best practices for success in the industry, no matter how a book is published, and key factors in getting your book noticed and sold. He will also outline opportunities for books from independent publishers to be reviewed or featured in the magazine, and ways to get your book discovered. He will field your questions about publishing, drawing on his years in the business to offer perspective on where it has been, where it is now, and where it will take us.

      Publisher Cevin Bryerman photoCevin Bryerman is the publisher and executive vice president of Publishers Weekly, the international news platform of the book publishing industry. He has been in the publishing business for more than 25 years, working at the helm of both trade and consumer magazines in strategic planning, business development and strategic partnerships. Over the span of his career, he has worked on many publications, including Boating Industry and Waterway Guides, Library Journal, School Library Journal, Variety, Modern Bride, American Baby and others.

      In 2010, Bryerman was named publisher and VP of Publishers Weekly and has championed the magazine’s digital expansion and growth of its consumer audience. Under Bryerman’s leadership, the website alone has grown more than tenfold

      10:00 am
      Insider Observations about Trends in the Publishing Industry with Cevin Bryerman