"In the short three years of my membership, I have learned more about the business of publishing than in my 30 plus years in the industry. That is saying a lot. The speakers are timely and informative. The members are supportive and fun. My knowledge of the emerging digital print industry has grown two-fold. PWSD is one of the best choices for any any writer, illustrator or publisher who is serious about being a professional in this modern market."

—Glenna A. Bloemen, J.D., Vanderblumen Publications

"I've been a member of PWSD even before it was PWSD, maybe 20 years or so. Writing is an isolating profession, so I look forward to the monthly meetings for education, networking, connection, and sharing my expertise with those who might need my services. I've made lasting friendships and built my business, and I've had an opportunity to serve the writing/publishing community as newsletter editor and publicity chair. I thank PWSD for all of this."

—Andrea Glass, WritersWay/ Ghostwriting & Copyediting

"PWSD's invaluable resources have propelled me through the world of print and e-book publishing. Their outstanding programs and networking opportunities keep me coming back for more."

—Janet F. Williams, author and self-publisher

"I am delighted that I joined up with PWSD over a year ago, as a brand new author.  At each of the PWSD events, I learn more about being an author and about promoting my book."

—Laura Johnston Kohl, author of JONESTOWN SURVIVOR: An Insider's Look

"When I initially heard about PWSD 7 or 8 years ago I attended a meeting because I knew one of the speakers. After one visit I was hooked and joined that day! A room filled with people with similar interests is not necessarily a surprise, but the quality of the people and the range of expertise took it to the next level.  Through my years of involvement with PWSD the words that immediately come to mind are a goldmine of alliances, solid business referrals and truly immediately applicable educational programs. Oh, also incomparable value!"

—Lauren Castle

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