*** The Holiday Party on December 13th is FREE!  ***

RSVP to the Holiday Party

Please let us know you’re coming with an RSVP (scroll down to view the form below).

2 Responses to “RSVP – Free”

  1. Bob Goodman says:

    why do I have to type a comment in order to send my rsvp? And then fill complete the captcha phrase?

    And then be told that my comment is waiting for moderator?

    you’re making it terribly difficult just to tell you I’m going to be at the holiday party. Maybe I’ll just show up.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bob, I’m so sorry you are having trouble. You do not need to leave a comment, that is optional – the RSVP is separate. This brings up a good point though – many people leave comments that they are coming, perhaps I’ll remove that option to alleviate confusion. I hope we see you at the party tonight!

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